Understanding Your Business Needs

Some of the insights provided under Things Your Business Should Know are tracked automatically. This section is meant to help you understand your products’ health, user conversion and user engagement. It is important to know exactly what you are measuring and which things to watch out for when learning about user interactions with your product. MIKROS makes this easy by helping you understand if your user engagement is healthy, and offers suggestions for how to build customer retention.

Additionally, MIKROS crash reporter will identify crash details and alert you of crashes. Crash reports include stack traces, type of crash, trends and versioning.

Shortlist of KPIs and Insights

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Description
Crash Rate The rate in which users are experiencing a crash in your app.
Crash-Free Users The number of users not affected by crashes.
Daily Active Users (DAU) The daily active users metric tells you how indispensable your app is. It refers to each individual person using your app, not to the number of sessions. Each person is counted just once, regardless of if they use the app once per day or hundreds of times per day.
Monthly Active Users (MAU) Like DAU, monthly active users tell you the unique number of people who used your app but are concerned with either a specific month, or the prior 30 days.
Most Problematic Device OS Top operating systems suffering from crashes.
Most Problematic Devices Top devices suffering from crashes.
Most Problematic Versions Top versions of your app where crashes occurred most.
Number of Crashes The number of crashes users have experienced in your app.
Percentage of Affected Users The percentage of users affected by crashes.
Percentage of Crash-Free Sessions The percentage of sessions not affected by crashes.
Percentage of Crash-Free Users The percentage of users not affected by crashes.
Stickiness "Sticky" is a formula used for product engagement and tells you how sticky a product is.
Total Affected Users The number of users affected by crashes.

Exception Details

We capture the event that occurs during the execution of a program that disrupts the normal flow of instructions. When a crash occurs we intercept the handed off exception object to the runtime system. This allows MIKROS the ability to provide you with as much details and information as possible about crash occurrences. The system aims to help you understand the underlying issue, as well as the impact.

Shortlist of Exception Details

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Description
Count Number of crash occurrences.
Device OS The specific device operating system used by the affected user.
Device The specific device used by the affected user.
Exception Details The crash thread, including highlights of what could be the exact cause.
Last Crashed The latest crash occurrence experienced by the affected user.
Versions The versions of your application used by the affected user.