What is Your Audience Like?

Audience Breakdown

Some of the insights provided under What is Your Audience Like happen automatically. This section is meant to help you find the thread between your product’s value and the audience that can benefit. Taking time to accurately define your target audience will enable your app to scale faster. Moreover, MIKROS provides data so that you can learn from behavioral trends to increase the efficacy of your targeting through segmentation.There is a special emphasis on identifying toxic users in this section. Here, you will learn about the number of users who are causing trouble in your product and perhaps are even costing you money.

Shortlist of KPIs and Insights

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Description
Audience Interests Breakdown of user interests from their taste in games, content, overall level of competitiveness and more.
Average User Reputation Score Average user Reputation Score.
Percentage of Toxic Users The percentage of users who have a Reputation Score in the range of [1-4]. These users have multiple offenses that could be negatively impacting your game. To learn more click here.
Total Toxic Users The total number of users who have a Reputation Score in the range of [1-4]. To learn more click here.